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Image New Resident Alim at Hyderi

Sheikh Mohamed Abbas Panju has been granted to join Hyderi as a resident Alim for 2 yrs. He will be in London with his wife on IA 25th March.

Sheikh Mohamed Abbas Panju was born in Nairobi, Kenya in 1982 where he grew up and completed his G.C.E “O” level studies. Sheikh has always been an active member within the community. He represented the Nairobi Jaffery Sports Club in the provincial cricket league and played for the Nairobi Jaffery Volleyball team between the years 1996 – 2001.

Upon completion of his O-levels, Sheikh briefly migrated to the country state of Vermont in the U.S.A to pursue college studies in the field of chemistry. He soon decided to change majors and consequently moved to Ottawa, Canada where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce with honours in Finance and International Management.

Upon completion of his university degree, he was employed by the Bank of America in Ottawa where he worked as an Account Manager for two years. During his stay there, Abbas was actively involved in teaching Aqa’id at the Madrassa. He was also keenly involved in the Muslim Student Federation (M.S.F) – a student organization within the University of Ottawa responsible for creating awareness of the Ahlul Bayt (S) by hosting events and talks within the university.

After marriage, Sheikh and his wife decided to migrate to Syria to pursue Islamic Studies at the Hawza level. He studied the traditional “Muqaddimaat” curriculum (undergraduate level) at the renowned Islamic Institute: Hawza Al Ilmiyya Al Zaynabiya in Sayeda Zaynab district within the proximity of the shrine of the daughter of Ameerul Mu`mineen (S). He was seen with great admiration within the Hawza for obtaining distinguished marks in the Science of Logic and Theology (Aqa’id). Additionally, Abbas was actively involved in translation (Arabic – English).

Some of his works include:

  • A commentary on Surah Al Maidah Verse 55 (Ayah of Wilayah)
  • Commemorating the legacy of Imam Al Husayn (S)
  • A Treatise on Black Clothes
  • A commentary on Surah Al Maryam Verse 50

In May 2012, Sheikh moved to the Holy city of Najaf Al Ashraf to complete the final year of his muqaddimaat studies.

Sheikh as a speaker delivered his first set of lectures in the summer of 2009 in his home town Nairobi. He was then invited to speak again in Ramadhan 2010. Thereafter, he has consistently been delivering lectures to Zawwar groups in Syria and Iraq. Last but not least, he is fluent in four languages (English, Arabic, Swahili, Gujarati).

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